North Lawson takes on home schooling group

The North Lawson Bushcare Group has suspended its Saturday sessions from April 2014.

This is because a group of Blue Mountains home schoolers approached Council staff at the end of 2013 to set up a bushcare experience for them.

Because North Lawson has been struggling for consistent numbers in recent years and because of its central location (home schoolers from Blackheath to Glenbrook are attending), this was the site selected in consultation with the group.

Monica Nugent and Jo Fenner have been leading the group since the home schoolers began in March.

The home school children and their parents have brought a new dynamic and energy to the bush regeneration efforts at the North Lawson site. This is an exciting opportunity and development for Blue Mountains Bushcare, as well as fulfilling a wide range of curriculum requirements for the students. Participants include primary and secondary age students.

The group meets on a school day, which is why the Saturday meeting dates have been suspended until further notice.

Thanks to all the Saturday attendees over the last eight years for your contribution towards the restoration of the Lawson Pool environs.

Should circumstances change and the Saturday group be revived, all those on the North Lawson mailing group will be notified.

Ray Richardson
Convenor, North Lawson Bushcare Group